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Japanese Tsunami Affects SB Harbor

While our hopes and prayers are with those who are still recovering from the devastation of the tsunami in Japan, site even across the huge Pacific ocean, recipe our very own little harbor in Santa Barbara felt some effects of the massive disaster.

Credit: Dan Seibert

Our usually calm harbor was battered by waves at least ten times stronger than usual. Thankfully there was only little damage, generic where as other California harbors were much more affected. Interestingly enough, the waves were not the most unusual effect of the tsunami. The tide itself was changing at an absolutely amazing rate, sometimes a few feet within less than thirty minutes. These photos submitted by Jon Shafer to local news website help illustrate the incredibly change.

Look at the boat on the left-hand side.

According to the photographer, these pictures were only taken an hour apart!

Has a lower tide even been photographed in Santa Barbara Harbor?

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