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Lil Toot Santa Barbara to the Rescue!

When Lil Toot isn’t hosting guests on Santa Barbara Sunset cruises, ailment sightseeing boat tours, cialis private charters or making trips every half-hour between the Santa Barbara Harbor and Stearns Wharf, we’re living life on the Santa Barbara Harbor (and loving it!)

Last weekend, we helped fellow Harbor-ites in need.  Below is a sweet thank you letter that we received (with a great photo of our smiling Lil’ Toot to boot!)

Santa Barbara Water TaxiHi Fred and Little Toot employees,

Thanks for the helping hand from Little Toot and staff today.  Our friends kayak tipped her out and your crew came to help.  Nothing like seeing a smiling face on a boat and crew when you are in a situation like that..  Kudos and thanks to all involved…you were a tremendous help. Our friend got back to shore safely after you so kindly called Harbor Patrol.

Again, thanks for being there.
Something special about a boat and crew with smiles!

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