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Magnificent Whale Watching!


Whale Watching Too!

February is an exciting time for us here at Celebration Cruises as it represents the best time for seasonal whale watching in the area. While there are amazing animal sightings year round in the Santa Barbara channel, February is the best time to see gray whales as they migrate through our area. Other amazing creatures can be seen year round – although it’s rarer to catch more than a glimpse. Humpback whales behavior differs greatly from the migrating gray whale, as they are much more playful and willing to exhibit exciting behavior like tail flukes and breaching. On our 2PM public whale watching cruise on Saturday, February 24th, 2018, the Azure Seas was fortunate to encounter a trio of humpback whales and follow them at a distance for over an hour as they breached continually, much to the excitement of our captain, crew and passengers.

Check out a great video below and remember to check out now to grab your tickets for a whale watching adventure this season aboard the Azure Seas.